Freitag, 16. September 2011

Chamis al-Gaddafi lebt!

Chamis al-Gaddafi lebt und ist nicht Tot. Diese Email habe ich heute von ihn bekommen.

Good day,

My name is Khamis Muammar al-Gaddafi, one of the youngest son of the troubled Muammar al-Gaddafi, I am a policeman by profession and a leader of a special forces brigade of the military of Libya. i am at the moment very depressed as i write to you. I got your mail from a search engine and I really think you can help me.

At the moment I am studying for a masters degree in IE Business School in South Africa, but as I write to you I am in the UK before the British government revoked the immunity given to my father (Muammar al-Gaddafi ) and his families. So at the moment I do not possess the right to move about, as I will be arrested and prosecuted in an international court of justice. In my possession right about now is my internet connection and my private cell phone. It is only with this two I am able to make contact with the out side world. Also as another measure that has been taken by the international community, our asset i.e the assets of Muammar al-Gaddafi and family world wide have been frozen to compel my father to step down as the Libyan leader.

The above mentioned reasons are what have compelled me to write you this mail, as I seek to partner with a trustworthy person who can assist me in transferring some of my monetary assets worth about 52 (FIFTY TWO MILLION EUROS).  This  monies has been lodged in a bank account in Geneve and as things are shaping now this money is likely to be discovered soon, so I seek your assistance in helping me transfer this money into your account so that it is not discovered. I am ready to offer as much as 50 percent of this money to you if you render to assist in transferring this money and the money is transferred successfully.

Kindly contact me back as soon as possible.

Khamis Muammar al-Gaddafi.
50% von 52 Millionen € macht 26 Millionen €.
Ich sollte ihn wohl helfen das Geld zu transferieren.
Darum sage ich euch besser nicht seine Emailadresse. Nicht dass einer von euch ihn dabei hilft.

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